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Communications Industry Transactions Report

Communications Industry Transactions Report Since 1984, VS&A has maintained a comprehensive database of completed worldwide transactions. It now totals over 5,000 individual media and communications transaction events. The VS&A Communications Industry Transactions Report is the most comprehensive source of media and communications industry transaction event activity available with price, revenue multiple, operating cash flow multiple information and interpretation on more than 3,000 media, communications and information industry transactions engaged by publicly reporting companies over the last five years. It provides you with dependable decision-support to interpret and react to comparable transactions, valuations and prices.

Transaction information is obtained from annual reports, 10-K and 10-Q filings by publicly reporting companies, trade reports, and press reports as well as information obtained directly from the companies.

The VS&A Communications Industry Transactions Report analyzes the key drivers for each industry segment and non-drivers which the media and communications industry marketplace.

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