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2003 Communications Industry Forecast

With the Communications Industry Forecast, you have everything you need to assess the quantified impact of consumer and business end-user and advertiser spending for each industry segment. The Communications Industry Forecast is a wholly independent analysis of the media industry.

And this year it's even better than before! More research for the same price.

We have added our Communications Industry Report five-year summary of financial performance data for the publicly-reporting companies pertinent to each chapter in the 2003 Forecast, creating a more complete research and budgeting tool.

The seventeenth edition of the Communications Industry Forecast is only $1995.00 and is available now.

The Forecast relates historical spending patterns with the key market forces driving industry growth in deriving more than 150 revenue, unit, growth and market share projections for the media and communications industry. Forecast scenarios are developed by layering the annual impact of demographic, economic, technological, regulatory, institutional, and behavioral market drivers over a five-year horizon. These forecasts have immediate implications for strategic planning, corporate and business plan development, budgeting and forecasting.

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