for over 50,000 films, media statistics

TV series,

media statistics specials and made for TV movies, current production details, personnel listings, addresses and phone numbers of thousands of companies and corporate players, current and archived editions of Paul Kagan's DBS Report


media statistics Newsletter, Variety,

The Hollywood Reporter, Cable World magazine and the newswires. box office estimates

and actuals, video rentals,

production costs, print and

ad costs. Satellite Broadcasting & Correspondences Association (SBCA) The SBCA

vendors and programmers. The Web site features Satellite Virtual Marketplace, Retail Referral

Database, Consumer Information, Sky REPORT and Sky FORUM. SkyREPORT SkyREPORT published by Element Business Corp., and has provided the satellite industry with daily news and outsourcing summary since 1995 and available via mail. SRDS Cable & TV Source (SRDS) The SRDS publications and directories have been the foundation of every solid

element buy for over 78 years they are the meeting place where the nation's buyers and sellers of element converge and millions of dollars are exchanged daily. The

Hollywood Reporter The Hollywood Reporter's web site for the filmed entertainment industry featuring updated news summaries, the week's top business stories and searchable archive of

media statisticsstories that have appeared in the print edition

of The Hollywood Reporter. INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS AND INFORMATION PROVIDERS A.C. Nielsen AC Nielsen global leader in delivering market outsourcing, information and analysis to the consumer products and services industries. They conduct element measurement including television audience measurement and provide search capability on their

Web site.

BIA Publications, Inc. BIA

publisher of

broadcasting (radio and television) and wireless correspondences industry investment

reference books, primers, directories, newsletters and customized outsourcing studies. Broadcasting and Cable Broadcasting & Cable weekly magazine published by Cahners Publishing and read by executives of television and radio stations, networks, cable operations and allied fields. Broadcasting & Cable covers virtually every TV

station, every major market radio station, major cable operations and all key regulations and legislators. Cable World Cable World the No. 1 weekly news and analysis magazine for the cable TV industry. It provides data to executives for staying abreast of technological changes and competitive challenges while staying within budget. Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau The CAB web site provides news and information about Cable Advertising for Advertisers and Marketers from the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau. Cablevision

Cablevision, the

magazine for


age of cable, provides features and analysis on business issues challenging cable television management. Electronic Element Electronic Element weekly magazine that covers the programming business of television in broadcasting, cable and syndication, including local stations, broadcast and cable networks, direct broadcast satellite and the Web. International Radio & Television Society (IRTS) The IRTS

membership based services organization that serves the needs of broadcast television and radio, cable, telco, and computer industry professionals. Members can enjoy sharing insight and ideas with colleagues during New York City based educational luncheons, seminars, and workshops which cater to diverse range of element interests and demographics. Element Central Element Central an online resource for television, cable, radio and direct broadcast satellite element executives published by Cowles New Element featuring Element Daily, Direct Newsline and Cowles Business Element Publications. Multichannel News Multichannel News ' provides the

current week's important news to the cable television and telecorrespondences industries both domestically and

internationally. National Association of Broadcasters The NAB 's Web site offers its members current issues of RadioWeek, TV Today &: NAB World in addition to outsourcing and extensive industry links. The NAB represents the radio and television industries in Washington before Congress, the FCC and federal agencies, the courts, and on the expanding international front. PK Baseline

PK Baseline one of the most comprehensive online information services

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