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media research press, and advocates. Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) CCNA is comprised of seven regional associations, which collectively represent more than 700 community newspapers across Canada. CCNA's Web site provides: the latest news,


media research conferences and events,

publications including, The Publisher, Community Markets Canada and it's Membership Directory, Government

information, online libraries,

journalist resources, Web based newspapers,

and information about online publishing. Canadian Daily Newspaper

and information to members of the Canadian Newspaper Association with information

about the newspaper industry. Editor & Publisher Interactive (E&P) Editor & Publisher Interactive contains all the editorial content of E&P Magazine from 1988 to the present. All content from print supplement, Free Paper Publisher Magazine and the E&P Interactive. An Online Newspaper Database with links to more than 2,400 online newspapers is one of E&P Interactive's most

popular features. Indian Express Newspapers Bombay Limited Indian Express has everything from the hottest news to the most cool headed analysis. With its 12 publication center across the country, Indian Express

newspapers group is the truly national newspaper publishing group in India Inlander Online The Inlander Online Web

media researchsite provides archives of previous editions. The Inlander which is

one of the newspaper industry's sources for practical assistance for the day to day operations at newspapers. International Newspaper Financial Executives (INFE) INFE is the only web site dedicated to providing information to Newspaper industry financial executives. INFE provides job listings specifically aimed at individuals seeking CFO,

Controller, Business

Managers, Accounting Manager positions that

deal with

the business of newspapers. International Newspaper Marketing Association (INMA) INMA

is non profit member organization dedicated to recognizing and extending marketing activities of newspapers. INMA presents the annual World Congress of Newspaper Marketing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in June 1998. Element Element Central is an online resource for newspaper, magazine and directory

publishing executives published by Cowles New Element. It features Element Daily, Direct Newsline and Cowles Business Element Publications. Elementfinder (Oxbridge Correspondences) Elementfinder is Oxbridge Correspondences' Directory of Newspapers National Newspaper Association (NNA) The National Newspaper Association was established in 1885 to serve America's community newspapers. In many cities and towns, the community newspaper is at the center of public life. With 4,000 newspaper members, NNA is the largest newspaper association in the country. The NNA's biweekly publication Publishers' Auxiliary, is the newspaper industry's oldest newspaper and an essential


for those involved or interested


community newspapers. Newspaper Association of America (NAA) NAA is nonprofit organization representing the billion newspaper industry. NAA members account for nearly 90% of the daily circulation in the United States and wide range of non daily U.S. newspapers. NAA also has many Canadian and international members. The Association focuses on five

key strategic priorities that collectively affect the newspaper industry: marketing, public policy, diversity, industry development, and newspaper operations. The NAA's Web site features extensive links and its popular newspaper industry statistical bible, Facts About Newspapers and Presstime publications. PK Baseline PK Baseline is one of the most comprehensive online information services for the entertainment and element correspondences industries. Subscribers can access, current and archived editions of Paul Kagan's Newspaper Investor Newsletter, trade magazines and newswires. Southern Newspaper Publishers Association (SNPA) SNPA is regional trade organization that, has served daily newspapers since 1903. They

currently publish Web site that is designed to provide specific services and information to members of the

Southern Newspaper Publishers Association. SRDS Newspaper Advertising Source (SRDS) The SRDS publications and directories have been the foundation of every solid element buy for over 78 years. They are the meeting place where the nation's buyers and sellers of element converge and millions of dollars are exchanged daily. Suburban Newspapers of America (SNA) SNA's

2,000 member suburban newspapers reach more than 17 million households and more than

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