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results, as well. Advertising Age Advertising Age has been the preeminent source of marketing,

advertising and element news, information and analysis for more than 65 years. The Ad Age Group was formed to respond to the ever

changing media merger needs of today's marketers. Today, The Ad Age Group is powerful marketing

partner with the following leading publications: Advertising Age, Advertising Age International, Business Marketing and Creativity. Other brand products include: NetMarketing, the Ad Age Daily Fax, the global Daily World Wire,

conferences and seminars, events and event marketing, and custom publishing. Advertising Outsourcing Foundation The Advertising Outsourcing Foundation seeks to improve the practice of advertising, marketing and element outsourcing

in pursuit of more effective marketing and advertising correspondences. Adweek Directories Adweek's Web site provides comprehensive information to advertising, marketing and element professionals by granting access to their extensive online databases via the World Wide Web. By Monday morning at 9 a.m. EST, all six regional editions of Adweek, plus Brandweek, Elementweek, and Marketing Computers are

available online. Through their search panels, visitors can scroll the headlines of

an entire issue, or look up certain articles based on key word search. American Advertising Federation (AAF) The American Advertising Federation

media merger(AAF) is

media merger the

only professional advertising association that binds the mutual interests of corporate advertisers, agencies, element companies, suppliers and academia. The AAF's

50,000 members share commitment to make advertising positive force in America's economy and culture. American Association of Advertising Agencies The 4A's is the national trade organization representing

the advertising agency business. It is management oriented organization, offering its members the broadest feasible depth of information regarding the operation of advertising agencies, encompassing management, element, print and broadcast

production, secondary outsourcing on advertising and marketing, international advertising

and much more. The organization, which has served the industry

since 1917, comprises

agencies representing approximately 75 percent of the total advertising volume placed by agencies in the United States. DM News DM News The targeted web site for Direct Marketers. International Advertising Association (IAA) The IAA is the only global partnership of advertisers, agencies, the element, and related services. Its mission is to: promote the critical role and benefits of advertising

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force behind

all healthy economies and the

foundation of diverse, independent element in an open society, protect and advance freedom of commercial speech and consumer choice, encourage greater practice and acceptance of advertising self regulation, provide forum to debate emerging professional marketing correspondences issues and their consequences in fast changing world environment, take the lead in state

of the art professional development, education and training for the marketing correspondences industry of tomorrow. Element Central Adpromo is an

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