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In an industry that continues to exhibit growth, Veronis Suhler is well suited as a merchant bank to handle the needs of media, communication and information companies. Specializing in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, valuations, and private equity, Veronis Suhler prides itself on its depth of industry, financial, and transaction experience represented by its eclectic mix of professionals--media industry experts combined with Wall Street financial backgrounds. This experience provides a basis for the partners and managing directors to work with client management and owners on a peer level. Over time, the firm has fostered numerous long-term relationships, which has placed it in a privileged position in the industry and proven invaluable in creating and executing transactions.

In order to meet current marketplace challenges and continue to build on past successes, Veronis Suhler has added a new generation of directors, associates, and analysts, and has created industry segments led by the firm's managing directors.

This organization of resources around industry segments enables Veronis Suhler to maximize the industry-specific knowledge and experience of its hands-on specialists and to operate as an experienced and focused team on behalf of the client.

A list of Veronis Suhler's specialist teams of managing directors, advisor managing directors, directors, associates, and analysts within each sector follows:

Business-to-Business Communications

  • Business Magazines (Trade)
  • Newsletters
  • Seminar/Conference Organizers
  • Tradeshows and Exhibition Organizers

Business Information Services

  • Financial Information
  • Marketing Information
  • Technology Information
  • Healthcare Information
  • Credit Information
  • Human Resources Information
  • Product & Price Information
  • Energy Information

Consumer Books

  • Adult Hardbound and Paperbound
  • Juvenile Hardbound and Paperbound
  • Mass-Market Paperback

Consumer Magazines

  • Consumer Magazines
  • Comic Books/Trading Cards and Collectibles
  • Traders/Classified Advertising Magazines


  • Filmed Entertainment
  • Television Production
  • Recorded Music
  • Music Publishing

International Initiatives


The Internet

  • Internet-Related Services
  • Packaged PC/Multimedia Software
  • Video Games

Newspaper Publishing

  • Newspaper Publishing
  • Agricultural Newspapers
  • Financial Newspapers
  • Local Business Journals
  • Legal Newspapers

Professional & Educational Publishing

  • Legal Publishing and Information
  • Medical Publishing and Information
  • Scientific and Technical Publishing and Information
  • Social Science and Humanities Publishing
  • Library Reference Publishing, Information and Services
  • K-12 Textbooks, Supplementary Materials and Electronic Resources
  • College Publishing and Electronic Resources
  • Training Materials and Services

Radio Broadcasting

  • Radio Networks
  • Radio Stations

Cable & Satellite TV

  • Cable Television Systems
  • Cable Television Networks
  • Direct Broadcast Satellite
  • Wireless Cable Operators

Specialty Media & Marketing Services

  • Direct Marketing and Promotional Services
  • Home Shopping/Infomercials
  • In-Store Promotion
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Custom/Contract Publishing
  • Telephone Directory Publishing
  • Book/Record Clubs
  • Affinity Membership Organizations
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies

Television Broadcasting

  • Television Networks
  • Television Stations

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