2000. media trends Date of Investment: October 2000 ITE

media trends has become dominant factor in international trade shows and exhibitions in emerging markets, such as Eastern Europe, Turkey and Russia


gas, and construction. The

media trends company's revenues derive largely from major international companies seeking showcase their products and services in

media trends emerging markets.

ITE's annual auto shows in Russia, for

instance, are well represented by GM, Ford, Volkswagen, Fiat and other leading manufacturers. Date of Investment: October 2000 Phillips Business Information (PBI) is full service

business media trends to business element company engaged in trade magazine publishing, business information services, and conferences and trade shows. PBIs markets include element

and correspondences, cable television, satellite, aviation, defense and energy. Its full range of information products include daily news services, web sites, newsletters, magazines, market studies, conferences and consulting. Key products include RepliTech

trade shows, AV Video & Multielement Producer magazine, Via Satellite magazine, Correspondences Technology magazine, Rotor & Wing magazine, and Defense Daily newsletter and web site. Date of Investment: October 2000 Data Transmission Network Corporation (DTN)

is leading B2B information services and commerce company serving four markets. In agriculture, it provides proprietary information and market analysis on pricing, weather, news, and trading. In weather, DTN is one of only two companies licensing proprietary weather data directly from the U.S. National Weather Service. In energy, it provides electronic information

and communication services to the refined fuel industry. In finance, it

provides real time news, quotes, and other time sensitive information about publicly traded securities. Date of Investment: March 2000 CASE STUDY (PDF) Hanley Wood is the leading B2B correspondences company in the residential construction industry.

media trendsH W publishes

media trends 26

different magazine titles, including 13 targeted to the home building, remodeling, and commercial construction industries, and 13 house plan magazines. With

eight web sites, H W has huge Internet presence including the construction industry's super sites cbuild.com (for content) and ebuild.com (for commerce). To expand

further its Internet presence, H W recently established iHousing, LLC to make

equity investments in

relevant and strategic dot com companies. H W also produces five trade

shows, seven

conferences, and has custom publishing division. Date of Investment: August 1999 CASE STUDY (PDF) HCIA Sachs and HBSI merged to form Solucient, an organization that has the largest, most comprehensive, healthcare information repository in the industry. With the largest, broadest, and deepest information assets, Solucient provides hospital, managed care and pharmaceutical executives with access to single, comprehensive source

of intelligent market

data to


ensure patients receive the

best in clinical care while increasing revenues and managing the bottom line. Date of Investment: December 2000 Fund II Portfolio Companies In 1996, Canon Correspondences produced seven magazines and four trade shows for the medical equipment industry. In 2000, Canon's product group encompasses 10 magazine titles, including its two core publications, Medical Device & Diagnostic

Industry and Medical Product Manufacturing News, eight trade shows, five industry reference guides, four market specific Web sites, and

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