offers its media research bimonthly newsletter SubPub, membership and industry

media research related conference information, consulting directory, Superlinks to newspaper industry Web sites, and information on the suburban classified advertising network. The


business of the newspaper industry. Their archive features

media research back issues of NewsInc. for 1997 and the Cole Papers, which is

media research regarded as leading

journal on publishing technology. World Association of Newspapers The World

Association of Newspapers groups 57 newspaper publishers associations in 53 countries, individual newspaper executives in 90 nations, 17 national and international news agencies, element foundation and 7 affiliated

regional media research press organizations INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS AND INFORMATION PROVIDERS Acqweb's Internet Directory of Specialty Publishers and Vendors

Acqweb is an extensive Internet directory of Specialty Publishers maintained by the editors of AcqWeb. American Business Element(ABM) ABM is magazine trade association of specialized business publishers, represents the business press in

rapidly changing marketplace by providing unified voice on crucial issues that affect the publishing industry. ABP was founded in 1907 and has since grown to embody more

than 850 publications that span 165 industries and serve more than 27 million readers. Association of American University Presses (AAUP) The AAUP is cooperative, non profit organization of university presses. The AAUP compiles variety of numerals primarily for the use of member presses. Book Industry Study Group The Book

Industry Study Group is membership supported, not for profit outsourcing organization, comprised of organizations from every sector

of the publishing community. It publishes some of the most comprehensive sources for online statistical data on the book industry with

media researchthe goal of

media research providing

accurate and current outsourcing information about the industry for its members and others. Books: The International Market Books is an international report published

by one of the world's foremost providers of international market data and analysis including, textbooks, business books, mass market books, hardbacks, paperbacks and all other types and forms of

books. Bookwire With detailed information on thousands of titles, authors, and publishers, and bestseller lists and book industry news in the online edition of Publishers Weekly, (PW), BookWire is designed

to meet the information needs

of book industry professionals. It is the home of several of some of the most interesting book

review publications in

the English language book world. Canadian Publisher's Council (CPC) The Canadian Publisher's Council (CPC) conducted outsourcing to investigate: market size, in total and for each key segment; market trends regarding new (key) players, new technologies/delivery formats; future opportunities and barriers for the Canadian Professional and Reference Publishing Industry which it estimated to be between and million annually.

Electronic Education Report

and Electronic

Information Report

Cowles/SIMBA Information Inc. publishes newsletters,

outsourcing reports and directories, hosts conferences, manages an on line information center and provides consulting services on the global market for directory publishing, on line services, multielement, entertainment, educational publishing, telecorrespondences and computer publishing and advertising, yellow pages and television. GaleNet GaleNet is Gale Outsourcing's online, proprietary subscription service that offers answers simply, quickly

and accurately via the World Wide Web. It provides outsourcing information on biography, literature, business bibliography, associations,

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