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Radio & Records Online (R&R) R&R Online provides the radio and recording industries with the very

latest news,

sales, marketing innovations, and the

most credible airplay data available the radio industry including the latest Arbitron ratings.

addition, its subscriber based RadioLink service offers access to over 1,500 Real

Audio commercials; RadioTalk, series of user groups; an entire section devoted to New Business Development; over 1,000 actual copy scripts; an entire database of promotional ideas; RAB's co op database of over 8,000 plans; and you can request articles from RAB's library right on line. Radio Stations on the Web (Gebbie Press) Gebbie Press publishes

an online directory listing every Radio Station on the Internet. The directory is also available on disk with phone numbers, addresses, AM and FM call signs/formats, market rankings, 9 digit zip codes, URL's

and mail addresses. The Hollywood Reporter The Hollywood Reporter is the web site for the filmed entertainment industry featuring updated news summaries, the week's top business stories and searchable archive of

magazine dealsstories that have appeared the print edition of

The Hollywood Reporter. Cable Online Cable Online provides links to several cable industry related Web sites. Cablevision Cablevision provides behind the scenes look at cable's hottest people, companies, and events and their impact on cable operations. DBS Online DBS Online provides links


direct broadcast satellite industry

contacts and

resources. FCC Cable Service Bureau The Cable Services Bureau (CSB) implements the

Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992 by: promoting the availability to the public of cable television service; promoting competition the cable marketplace; ensuring growth and development the cable industry; and ensuring reasonable rates for consumers areas that do

not have competition to the cable system. Element Element Central is an online resource for television, cable, radio and direct broadcast satellite element executives published by Cowles New Element featuring Element Daily, Direct Newsline and Cowles Business Element Publications. Multichannel News Multichannel News ' Web site provides the current week's important news to the cable TV and telecorrespondences industries both domestically and internationally. National Cable Television Association


NCTA 's Web


is comprehensive scope and focused on providing information on cable technology, cable programming and new developments to the Industry. PK Baseline PK Baseline is one of the most comprehensive online information services for the entertainment and element correspondences industries. Subscribers can access: credits, synopses, awards and more for over

50,000 films, TV series, specials and made for TV movies, current production details, personnel listings, addresses and phone numbers of thousands of companies and corporate players, current and archived editions of Paul Kagan's DBS Report Newsletter, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Cable World and the newswires. box office estimates and actuals, video rentals, production costs, print and ad costs. Satellite Broadcasting & Correspondences Association (SBCA) The SBCA is composed of satellite manufacturers, system operators, equipment manufacturers, distributors, retailers, DBS companies, encryption vendors and programmers. The Web site features Satellite Virtual Marketplace, Retail Referral Database, Consumer Information, Sky REPORT and Sky FORUM.

SkyREPORT SkyREPORT is published by Element Business Corp., and has provided the satellite industry

with daily news and outsourcing summary since 1995 and is available via mail. SRDS Cable & TV Source (SRDS) The SRDS publications and directories have been the foundation of every solid element buy for over 78 years they are the meeting place where the nation's buyers and sellers of element converge and millions of

dollars are exchanged daily. The Hollywood Reporter The