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American Booksellers Association
Founded in 1900, the American Booksellers Association (ABA) is a trade organization pledged to protecting the well-being of book retailers and to promoting the availability of books. It regularly collects and analyzes primary and secondary data about and of interest to its members. Results of studies are normally reported in the Association's periodicals Bookselling This Week and American Bookseller and are also posted to ABA's web site. Annual publications include, ABACUS Expanded, the book reporting the full results of ABA's annual financial operations survey, the ABA-Gallup Book Buying Study, ABA-Gallup pre- and post-holiday "books-as-gifts" surveys and the ABA-BISG Consumer Research Study on Book Purchasing, conducted by the NPD Group and published by BISG.

Association of American Publishers
The Association of American Publishers (AAP), with some 200 members located throughout the United States, is the principal trade association of the book publishing industry. AAP members publish hardcover and paperback books in every field--fiction, general non-fiction, poetry, children's literature, textbooks, reference works, Bibles and other religious books, and scientific, medical, technical, professional and scholarly books and journals. AAP members also publish audio and video tapes, computer software, looseleaf services, electronic products and services including online databases, CD-ROM and a range of educational materials. Monthly and quarterly sales reports are available only to members, however the Annual AAP Statistics Report is available for sale to the public.

Association of American University Presses (AAUP)
The AAUP is a cooperative, non-profit organization of university presses. The AAUP compiles a variety of statistics primarily for the use of member presses.

Book Industry Study Group
The Book Industry Study Group is a membership-supported, not-for-profit research organization, comprised of organizations from every sector of the publishing community, publishes some of the most comprehensive sources for online statistical data on the book industry.

Book Marketing Ltd
Book Marketing Ltd (BML) is a U.K. market research company specializing in the book industry. BML runs an on-going survey, Books and the Consumer, an in-depth survey of U.K. book buying habits. Information is collected on all book, audiobook and book-related multimedia purchases throughout the year, including source of purchase, price paid and subject/publisher of the title.

Books: The International Market
An international report published by Euromonitor (one of the world's foremost providers of international market data and analysis) which includes, textbooks, business books, mass market books, hardbacks, paperbacks and all other types and forms of books.

With detailed information on thousands of titles, authors, and publishers, and bestseller lists and book industry news in the online edition of Publishers Weekly, (PW), BookWire is the information source that meets the daily information needs of book industry professionals. It is also the home of several of some of the most interesting book review publications in the English-language book world.

International Publishers Association (IPA)
Established in Paris in 1896, the IPA is a group of 65 member organizations in 59 countries. It is a professional organization of national associations which are recognized as representatives of publishers in each country. The Association's primary mission is to safeguard the fundamental freedom to publish and to read. The International Publishers Association is an accredited non-governmental organization, to the United Nations, which represents the interests of publishers by participation in meetings dealing with international laws, treaties, conventions, protocols and regulations which concern intellectual property, the flow of books and related materials. The Association provides its members with regular information services on publishing-related developments around the world.

R.R. Bowker Annual of Library & Book Trade Information
Reed Elsevier annual publication covering book industry statistics including title output and price arranged by 23 subject categories, giving number of new titles produced in the past three years, separating new titles from new editions. It also provides data on mass market titles, imported titles, translations and average list price for different types of books. Library statistics include number and types of libraries in the United States and Canada by type of library. Assists in locating organizations, individuals, and conference dates. Title output data from the Bowker Annual appears in a March issue of Publishers Weekly.

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