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Only 2,500 Free Copies Left In The $1,000,000 Give Away of "I GOT HERE. YOU CAN TOO!" A Masters Course In Becoming A Millionaire Announced Publisher Berman Investment Group

Business Editors

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 26, 2004--The Berman Investment Group LLC, announced today that due to the success of their $1,000,000 in free products offer, they have only 2,500 copies left available for immediate delivery of Bruce A. Berman's breakthrough book, "I GOT HERE. YOU CAN TOO!" A Masters Course in Becoming a Millionaire and the Berman Differential(TM) Business Development Incorporation and Corporate Maintenance Software CD; which together are a $100 value that they are giving away for free. The company distributes their free book and software offer at www.BruceBerman.net.

Bruce A. Berman, Author and President of the Berman Investment Group LLC, stated, "The word is getting out about my book. People ask me why we are giving away $1,000,000 in free products and I tell them I want to be known as the .1 Millionaire Maker and Business Builder in America. I believe giving away copies of our business development products will give us a jump-start on my mission. I also want to introduce people to the vast array of other wealth and business building products we offer. I expect that people that take us up on the free offer will see the value of our products and become long term loyal customers. If you want to make and keep more money or be your own boss by starting a company, or even if you work for a company that you want to see either grow, raise capital, or become public, the Berman Differential(TM) program will take you through the process."

The first edition of the book was published in September 2003 and was originally offered for sale on Amazon.com (Nasdaq:AMZN). Now the book is also being offered on Walmart.com (NYSE:WMT) as well as the entire Berman Differential(TM), which is available on Yahoo! Shopping (Nasdaq:YHOO). The company has commissioned a second addition of the book which it expects to have available in April. If the company runs out of books before it receives its next shipment in April interested parties will have to either wait for delivery or purchase them at online retailers like Amazon.com, Walmart.com or Yahoo.com.

The Berman Differential(TM) is a unique, comprehensive business system, which contains all the tools necessary to start, fund or run a business. Included in this dynamic interactive program is Bruce A. Berman's best selling book, "I Got Here. You Can Too!" The 200 page course book offers valuable assistance in Analyzing Potential Business Opportunities, Due Diligence, Starting, Forming and Opening a Company, Consulting, Banking and Finance, Legal and Tax Strategies, Contract Negotiations, International Business, Financial and Public Relations, Marketing and Test Marketing, Strategic Alliances, Raising Money, Acquisitions, Going Public, Asset Protection and much more.

The Berman Differential(TM) software program runs on Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) and includes the following four software CDs:

-- The Business Planning and Money Raising CD, which is a simple-to-use interactive CD that works with the user to create, document, and execute a business plan.

-- The Funding Sources CD addresses money. Why use your own money to start and grow your business, when a variety of investors are searching for opportunities just like yours?

-- The Hundreds of Instant Business Forms Software CD can save you thousands of dollars, time, and make you money. Hundreds of useful forms are made available to you through this CD.

-- The Incorporation and Corporate Maintenance Software CD deals with the formation of a corporation, as well as the upkeep of your corporate status.

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