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AOL Latin America Expands Holiday Online Shopping Through Marketing Agreement with Comerxia.com; Provides Access to Comerxia's International Shopping Mall

Business Editors/High-Tech Writers

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 18, 2003--Just in time for the holidays, AOL Latin America (Nasdaq:AOLA) today announced that it had signed an agreement with Comerxia.com, a global e-commerce provider, to continue the expansion of the AOL Latin America shopping areas through the integration of links and banners that lead to Comerxia.com's International Mall site. The new shopping areas will be available immediately, allowing AOL Latin America members to obtain exciting international gifts for this holiday season and beyond.

AOL Latin America members in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina will now have the convenience to purchase a multitude of U.S. products through Comerxia's extensive list of U.S. manufacturers and retailers. With almost forty retailers to choose from, members will have access to leading retailers of clothing, toys, electronics, household goods and many more. Members fill their shopping carts and at check-out only need to make one payment which will include the cost of the product, applicable taxes and other charges that are required to deliver the product to the member's doorsteps. Local and international credit cards are accepted. Comerxia is offering a US$10 discount on the first order of products through December 24, 2003 in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

AOL Latin America will prominently display the international shopping and will provide placements for links and banners throughout all of its services so that members can easily navigate through the co-branded shopping areas. Under this one-year agreement, AOLA will receive an insignificant amount of money and will not receive any revenue from potential e-commerce transactions.

Eduardo Hauser, Executive Vice President of AOL Services and Business Affairs of AOL Latin America, said: "Through this marketing agreement with Comerxia.com, we're providing our members with access to some of the finest products and services available anywhere in the world. Our members will now be able to purchase holiday gifts, provided by highly respected global manufacturers and retailers, and have them delivered directly to their homes."

About AOL Latin America

America Online Latin America, Inc. (Nasdaq:AOLA) is the exclusive provider of AOL-branded services in Latin America and has become one of the leading Internet and interactive services providers in the region. AOL Latin America launched its first service, America Online Brazil, in November 1999, and began as a joint venture of America Online, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX), and the Cisneros Group of Companies. Banco Itau, a leading Brazilian bank is also a minority stockholder of AOL Latin America. The Company combines the technology, brand name, infrastructure and relationships of America Online, the world's leader in branded interactive services, with the relationships, regional experience and media assets of the Cisneros Group of Companies, one of the leading media groups in the Americas. The Company currently operates services in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina and serves members of the AOL-branded service in Puerto Rico. It also operates a regional portal accessible at http://www.aola.com. America Online members worldwide can access content and offerings from AOL Latin America through the International Channels on their local AOL services.

About Comerxia, Inc.

Comerxia (DoUwantIt.com), is a global e-commerce provider with a powerful and integrated solution for cross-border trade, featuring categorization, denied third party screening, import/export restrictions, merchant-defined alerts, documentation compliance, and built-in fraud protection with very little set-up effort and ongoing maintenance. For more information please visit http://www.comerxia.com

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