Barron's: The Print Media's Malaise Runs Deep
The long decline of print media (especially newspapers) may soon pick up speed, while the Internet has continued to make huge strides and will increasingly occupy the high ground, writes Howard R. Gold.

Times of London: Internet is Only Way Ahead for U.S. Media Legend
The Internet will transform entertainment products and systems, says Barry Diller, who hints that he may expand his InterActiveCorp into online financial services, film and video games.

Boston Globe: FBI Warns of Possible Threat Against Media
The FBI is warning news media outlets that TV news trucks might be attacked by members of a radical domestic group that wants to disrupt the Democratic National Convention.

New York Daily News: Martha's Next Move May Soon Be to Jail
Martha Stewart is reportedly resolved to surrender to prison authorities, perhaps next week. "She wants to put this ordeal behind her," says a source. "She thinks that it's in the best interest of her company."

Washington Monthly: My Beef With Big Media
Ted Turner says he wouldn't be able to launch CNN or TBS in the current climate of media consolidation. "There remains only one alternative: bust up the big conglomerates," he writes.