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Audit Bureau of Circulations
ABC is dedicated to being the preeminent self-regulatory auditing organization, responsible to advertisers, advertising agencies and the media they use, for the verification and dissemination of our members' circulation data and other information for the benefit of the advertising marketplace in the United States and Canada.

BPA International
Established in 1931, BPA International is a leading, not-for-profit, global provider of circulation and interactive marketing intelligence. BPA International audits the circulation of 1,840 publications. These include 1,527 business publications and 313 special-interest consumer magazines. BPA International also counts as members 2,500 advertisers and advertising agencies.

Canadian Magazine Publishers Association
The Canadian Magazine Publishers Association provides an electronic Magazine Webstand that features over 250 magazines - some of which you may never find anywhere else, From wine to weddings, cycling to feminist politics, B'hai studies to botany and the best of the small press literary reviews to Maclean's and Canadian Living, discover a magazine that reflects your interests with a truly Canadian sensibility.

Competitive Media Reporting (CMR) PIB and Rome 700 Report
CMR is a well-known provider for advertising expenditure data, serving many industries - including ad agencies and advertisers, magazines and newspapers, TV and radio stations - offering them strategic advertising intelligence designed specifically for each industry's needs. CMR combines LNA (Leading National Advertisers), MediaWatch, RER (Radio Expenditure Reports), BDS (Broadcast Data Services) and RTV (Radio TV Reports) into one powerful, information-gathering company - providing advertising occurrences, expenditures and creative for more brands in more markets, across more media than any other source.

Electronic Newsstand
Electronic Newsstand is the number-one magazine site on the Web. They offer the guaranteed lowest prices on magazine subscriptions - all in a content-rich environment. Founded in 1993, it was also one of the first content-based sites on the Internet. Since then, the site has grown to become the largest and most diverse magazine-related resource anywhere on the Web.

FAEP (European Magazine Publishers Association)
The "European Magazine Publishers Association (FAEP) " is the representative trade association of the European periodical press and is duly recognized by the appropriate EU institutions. It represents 7000 publishers of 40000 magazine titles and more than 20 Billion magazines sold each year. Magazines are a key element of Europe's cultural heritage and an essential part in the pluralistic mix of information, entertainment and academic achievement employing over 150,000 citizens in the KU.

Finnish Periodical Publishers Association
The Finnish Periodical Publishers Association provides an extensive list of Finnish business and consumer magazines.

Folio: Sourcebook (Cowles)
The Folio: Sourcebook is a proven annual buyer's guide containing over 300 magazine publishing specialists with the information you need to make the best purchasing decisions

International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP)
FIPP was founded in Paris in 1925 as the Federation Internationale de la Presse Periodique. The administration has operated from London since 1939. FIPP is a trade association with membership from 33 national associations and 91 international publishing companies and associate members worldwide. Together, the membership of FIPP encompasses 3,000 publishing companies, representing approximately 50,000 titles in more than 37 countries. FIPP works through national associations and their memberships to establish, promote and advance on a worldwide basis, optimum conditions for the development of periodical publishing. The principal role of FIPP is to foster formal and informal alliances between publishers of magazines to exploit successful publishing ideas, marketing initiatives and technological opportunities.

Japan Magazine Publishers Association
JMPA was established on January 30, 1956, by thirty leading magazine publishing houses to promote cultural development, raise publishing ethical standards and promote common interests. The Association was incorporated in December of the same year and has since evolved into the most influential organization in the Japanese magazine publishing industry. The founders' aim of promoting development remains unchanged. As of February 1996 there were 84 members of the JMPA. All members are influential magazine publishers, and the combined circulation of association members' periodicals accounts for more than 85 percent of the total Japanese magazine circulation.

Magazine Publishers of America
Magazine Publishers of America counts a membership of 220 publishers of 840 periodicals.

Media Central
Media Central an online resource for newspaper, magazine and directory publishing executives published by Cowles New Media featuring Media Daily, Direct Newsline, and Cowles Business Media Publications

Mediafinder (Oxbridge Communications)
Oxbridge Communications' National Directory of Magazines.

Periodical Publishers Association (UK)
Established in 1913, the PPA has member-publishers covering the full spectrum of magazine publishing, from mass circulation consumer magazines to highly technical business and professional journals. Approximately 80% of the revenue from magazine publishing is represented by the association. The main aims of the PPA are to promote and protect the interests and freedom of the periodical press. It maintains a system of agency recognition, oversees the mail order protection schemes operated by members, and plays a crucial part in determining the policy and monitoring the daily application of advertising standards. PPA maintains close contacts with magazine distribution organizations, print and paper associations, the Post Office and government departments.

SRDS - Consumer Magazine & Media Source (SRDS)
SRDS publications and directories have been the foundation of every solid media buy for over 78 years - they are the "meeting place" where the nation's buyers and sellers of media converge and millions of dollars are exchanged daily. In the near future, SRDS will making media data available online.

William Duke's Magazine Data
William Duke's Magazine : consumer magazine media kit library. Includes rates, demos, data, phone numbers, fax numbers, e- mail links to ad sales departments and directors, and online media kits for over 250 major consumer magazines. Media kit directories for business-to-business magazines, newspapers, cable networks, online media and advertising agencies.

Yahoo Directory of Internet Sites
: directory of magazines.

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