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Jeffrey T. Stevenson

Jeffrey T. Stevenson

Jeffrey T. Stevenson is the Managing Partner and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Veronis Suhler Stevenson. He joined the firm in 1982 shortly after its formation and has been the head of its private equity business since its first investment in 1989.

Mr. Stevenson serves as the President of each of the Equity Funds, approves all capital commitments, and directs the investment activities of the Equity Funds. The Equity Funds have $1.4 billion of capital under management and have invested in over 30 companies in the U.S. and Europe with values in excess of $5 billion. Previously, Mr. Stevenson was Executive Vice President in charge of corporate finance at VSS, a department he founded.

Mr. Stevenson currently serves as a director of Telefoongids Media BV, PEPcom, Chemical Week Associates, Canon Communications, Centaur Communications, The Official Information Company, Data Transmission Network, Xtreme Information, Hanley-Wood, ionex Telecommunications, ITE Group, PBI Media and Solucient. Previously, he served as a director of Yellow Book USA, Rifkin Acquisition Partners, Triax Midwest Associates, Broadcasting Partners Holdings, Spectrum Resources Towers, PJS Publications, Kansas Broadcasting Systems, B&B Merger Corporation, Cable Management Ireland, International Media Partners, Hughes Broadcasting Partners, Triax Southeast Associates and Broadcasting Partners. Mr. Stevenson holds a BA from Rutgers College.

Interested parties should contact Mr. Stevenson at the firm's address or : .

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